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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rock And Hard Place Welfare Politics

General Motors received $51 billion in bail out money.  AIG was disbursed $68 billion.  GMAC received $16 billion.  And the list goes on...  No one with any functioning brain cells will consider this to NOT be corporate welfare.  There was even quite a fuss over a Chrysler commercial during the Superbowl as a result of Detroit automakers receiving corporate welfare.

And in Oklahoma, there are companies who receive tax incentives regularly - and even the Oklahoma City Thunder receives incentives and relief from payroll taxes.  But now, a bill has been authored to require drug testing for recipients of state aid.

As McCarville Reports, Representative John Bennett has authored HB1083 that requires drug testing for all recipients of state aid.  And it begs the following questions:

1.  Will it withstand Constitutional muster?
2.  Will the bill apply to the aforementioned recipients of corporate welfare and if no, why not?
3.  Will the Oklahoma City Thunder players, staff and management be required to undergo drug testing?
4.  Will companies who receive tax incentives or breaks on ad valorem taxes be required to undergo drug testing?

The answer to all of the above will probably be "no." 

Bennett's bill that is clearly designed to be "tough on drugs," will be labeled as racist and inciting a class war.  The bill targets recipients of state aid who are at or below poverty, but leaves legislators, state employees and board members of corporations receiving tax incentives exempt.

You can expect this bill to be talked about, laughed at and battled over for many weeks to come.  And rightfully so.  The duplicitous nature of the bill speaks volumes.

Bennett's quote from the McCarville Report:
“Everyone knows who the local dopies are and it is extremely frustrating to law-abiding citizens to see those people subsidized with our tax payments,” Bennett said. “People should not get paid to do drugs on our dime.”
Nor should corporate executives be paid to fly around in their Jet Streams on our dime either, Representative Bennett.