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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snowblind (Again) Observations

Deep thoughts from the artist formerly known as the 400lb Gorilla of Oklahoma Media...

I Wanna Be Sarah:  Christine O'Donnell is at it again and just simply won't go away - regardless of how much water is thrown on her.  She has formed a Political Action Committee (Translated: Income source for her) to combat the evils of liberalism and God knows whatever else.  The latest is to take on George Soros, which seems to be a popular target with Beck listeners.  To hear Christine and some GOP supporters, Soros is the devil himself and will serve to be a good fundraising tool for O'Donnell.  Christine wants to project herself as the virginal Sarah Palin, but those of us with more than 50 functioning brain cells left after the last election cycle know better.  Sarah is taller, prettier and has better legs.  Sorry, Christine.

Terror:  While we're snowed in, Big Sis is telling us that the terror threat level is the worst it's been in ten years.  We're focused on the economy, thinking about the Republican victory and how we can cut the size and scope of the government, but now it appears as though our collective asses are still targets.  Go figure.

Irven Box, AP Photo
Ersland Case Makes Box More Wealthy:  Whether you agree with Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater for prosecuting Pharmacist Jerome Ersland or not, one thing you have to agree on is that Ersland's attorney is making a boatload of cash on this deal.  According to a story in the Oklahoman today, Ersland's defense is breaking his bank, totaling $100,000 thus far.  Irven Box claims that it's not all attorney fees - it's much more than that.  You can make the call yourself but as far as I am concerned and from what I have heard, unless you hire his son, when you sign on the line with his firm, you'd better have some deep damned pockets.  There is no rating system for attorneys - a win/loss ratio (unless you're watching reruns of Boston Legal), but for what Box is charging Ersland, most would expect a full acquittal with a written apology from David Prater for even thinking about prosecuting the guy.  Let there be no question - this is a damned tough case.  On one hand, you have to support Ersland for defending himself and his coworkers.  But as a 2nd Amendment supporter and gun owner myself with some training, I have to say that stopping to reload and pumping rounds into a guy who is incapacitated is just a bit too much to swallow.

Strange Bedfellows:  Remember the campaign season of 2010?  Do you?  Remember how so many Republicans campaigned as hardcore conservatives?  Remember when Governor Fallin campaigned as a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter and a champion for state's rights?  Remember?  Do you?  Do you also remember how the Oklahoman Editorial Board tinkled all over those notions and make it appear as though anyone who agreed with any ideology espoused by the Tea Party or conservative movements were fundamentally unbalanced?  Remember?  Do you?  Well, in this editorial, the Oklahoman is now praising Governor Fallin.  Does that alarm you at all?  Even a little?  Doggone it, it should.  No one is questioning whether Fallin is facing a mess in the Governor's office.  She has some of the best and the brightest working around her to make sure she looks good.  But when you have a newspaper who has made no bones about the fact that they are, at best, a newspaper that supports profits over the rule of law on issues such as immigration reform and the 2nd Amendment and you have a Governor who campaigned as a person who makes even Rush Limbaugh look like a liberal pansy - and somehow these two entities are now supporting and loving each other up...it should make you turn your radar up on high alert.

4-Year-Old Hero:  And for some good news that is uplifting.  A 4-year-old girl in Iowa braved the snow to go get help for her mother.  This is the must-read story of the day.

Go play in the snow.