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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saturday Insomnia

After watching "The Lovely Bones" followed by "Grudge 3," found myself sitting up trying to find something profound to discuss and unfortunately, this blog entry will be anything but profound.  Perhaps profoundly ridiculous.  Here are some of the stream-of-consciousness thoughts racing through my head this sleepless evening...

Quote of the week - "Horse Hockey."  There is a reason Mike McCarville is a legend in Oklahoma media.  Today, his post regarding the "Mary Fallin contributed to Brad Henry" mess sums it up...

Straw-Grasping: Received an email this week from a supporter of one GOP candidate for governor claiming the other GOP candidate had donated to Democrat Brad Henry's campaign. Horse hockey. The candidate contributed to the inaugural fund, as official records clearly show.

Again, Mike is the master and there is good reason for it.

Oklahoma City Thunder:  Fans of the NBA in Oklahoma City must be very, very proud of their team.  Without question, finishing 12th in the NBA so early in franchise history is astounding and will probably give Oklahoma City leaders another point to check off on their respective resume's. 

Gubernatorial Rum:  The salvos have been coming hot and heavy in the GOP gubernatorial race and the latest was clearly an ill-timed House Resolution giving Puerto Rico some serious choices regarding statehood - or not.  While the timing of Congresswoman Mary Fallin's involvement in this resolution was abject silliness, the responses from the Fallin-haters was equally silly.  Apparently, while quoting the story posted on the Muskogee Politico, they failed to actually READ the story wherein the whole fiasco is explained quite adequately.  The whole mess really only serves to increase rum sales in the state of Oklahoma, rather than do any real damage.  The Fallinistas are probably chuckling about this one.  I crack myself up..."Fallinistas" and "Brogdonites." 

KTOK's Mark Shannon:  Mark and I have worked together at WKY and there is no question that Mark has quite a following and many are lifting him up in prayer and hoping for a miraculous recovery and speedy return to the airwaves on News Radio 1000, KTOK.  Mark has become the Afternoon Delight of Clear Channel Oklahoma, breathing new life into the microphone and offering a unique perspective on news and pop culture of the day.  Mark has been battling illness for most of the year and he and his wife, Kris, need us to continue to pray for him.  They are going through hell right now and Christians on both sides of the aisle should be on their knees, offering up prayers.

There will be more this weekend...stick around.  It's going to be fun.