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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Shanster Needs Prayer

KTOK's Mark Shannon has been battling health problems for quite some time as most talk radiophiles know, and according to his website today, he needs our prayers. He writes:

Greetings I cannot tell you how much my life has sucked the past few days. Nevertheless, at least I've had a life to suck.

On Wednesday morning I began to run a fever, experience pain in my kidneys and generally just felt crummy. By 1pm, the my doctor told me to grab an ambulance ride to the hospital, and about 4pm, I was there and going through what's become a very familiar routine, although this time I was incoherent, (though very entertaining babbling away with words that just seemed to come from nowhere.)

I spent most of Thursday "out of it" too, until they started pumping blood and platelets in to my system. Both are at a severe levels, and even adding the blood and platelets hasn't done much t improve either condition.

My kidneys appear to be shutting down slowly, another really bad sign, and a specialist has been called in to see what she can see.

In short, while I haven't given up or given in to "death," we are preparing for it and having the discussions that are needed in the event it is "check out" time.

I've had a life blessed beyond what I deserve, and I have few regrets. If my time here is up, then I am confident that God will prepare me, much as everything leading up to this point in my life has prepared me for the next step in life.

What that truly means is anyone's guess - except for that of the Father.  He knows what's going on and it is to Him we must petition for peace and healing for Mark.  The Shanster and I have not always agreed on things nor methodology, but one thing is certain - mark knows radio and he is exceptionally talented and has been a God-send for KTOK - as has President Obama.

Mark and his wife, Kris, are going through a very tough time right now and if you're a praying person, I would ask on his behalf that you do just that.  God does answer prayer.