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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saturday Style, Part 2

The house was all a-twitter this morning as the ladies of the house prepared to depart for their morning outings - including a fashion show for the older two, and a trip to the Science Museum for the younger two.  Having spent the day at the Science Museum yesterday with Mason and Madison, I know the little ones have a morning of excitement ahead of them.

As for the fashion show...no thanks.  I'll watch ANTM on television, thank you.

So, here are a few items of interest I thought I would share with you on this rainy Saturday in the great state of Oklahoma.

David Holt, Senate District 30:  Received a message from David Holt regarding his Senate District 30 race wherein he talks about the progress of the campaign and his fund raising efforts.  Pretty impressive and it shouldn't surprise anyone that he's leading the very small field of two in money because, well, he's Mayor Mick Cornett's right hand man.  From his message:

Friday, we reported to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission that we have raised $124,152 in total, including $14,136 in the first quarter of 2010. Donations accepted after March 31 were not included in our report.

The campaign has spent $29,909 in total to this point, a “burn rate” of just 24 percent. That means we enter the home stretch of the campaign with $91,754 left in “cash on hand.”

In contrast, our only opponent remaining in the race reported having received just three donations in the first quarter of 2010, totaling $1,425. He has already spent 73 percent of the money he has raised, leaving $9,137 left in “cash-on-hand.” That means we enter the home stretch of the campaign with a 10-to-1 advantage in available funds.
 Holt has pretty much run a campaign any anointed candidate should run.  He has been knocking doors - though rumor has it, very selectively - and he has an aggressive social networking mechanism in place.  Holt is a nice young man.  He named his son "George" after President Bush.  That alone should endear him to many Republicans.  The truth is that the people of Senate District 30 are basically going to get a younger version of Mick Cornett as their State Senator.  That's the bottom line.  He won't screw anything up, but don't expect any earth-shattering conservatism that would make the Tea Partiers piddle.

Lt. Governor Jari Askins:  The McCarville Report is reporting (I know, that sounds redundant, doesn't it?) Jari Askins has spent $62,000 or so on opposition research for her gubernatorial bid.  And that she's spending about $10k a month for her consultant, Don Hoover.  Hoover is good, but he's not $10k a month good.  Read the McCarville Report here.

Dave White for Congress:  I had the opportunity to chat with Dave White, the independent running in Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District this week and frankly, I am impressed.  He's a no-frills, no B.S. kind of candidate with a wickedly impressive resume' - and it isn't massaged and crafted just to run for public office.  He's a Naval Academy graduate, he's a former Navy Seal, he is a successful business owner, and he has specific ideas about just what he would like to do if elected to Congress.  Pretty simple. He is, in many ways, what many of the candidates in the GOP race for the 5th District desire to be.  Here is the story from the Oklahoman.

Ronblackradio.com Transition:  Eventually, all my blog entries will be here on this blogger page rather than just on my website.  The site, hopefully, will be redirected here.  My archives and all will remain intact, or somehow be available here as well.  No clue how to do that just yet though.

Jacking of the Nigh Couple:  Former Governor George Nigh and his wife were attacked in an area most would consider "safe."  In my estimation, if a former Governor of this great state isn't safe, none of us are at this point.  And meanwhile, we're hearing talk of a decrease in the number of law enforcement officers on the streets as a result of budget shortfalls.  It is an atrocity.  There are so many candidates running for public office who are touting their support of public safety, but nothing is being done to adequately fund public safety - and don't get me started on the MAPS3 fiasco.  While I supported certain aspects of MAPS3, I am flabbergasted that the citizens of Oklahoma City are overlooking the fact that everyone who supported MAPS3 had to have known that public safety would take a hit financially.  It's bovine fecal matter.

More to come, I'm sure.

And now for something completely different...