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Monday, April 26, 2010

Rep. John Wright Gets OCPAC Nod for Lt. Governor

The Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee members have met and decided that Representative John Wright will be the recipient of their endorsement for the stepping stone position of Lt. Governor.

From Charlie Meadows' OCPAC's email:

This past Wednesday, our dues paying members voted to endorse State Representative John Wright over State Senator Todd Lamb in the closest race so far this year. There were a large number of “no endorsement” votes which caused our first run-off vote of the year. Some vote to make no endorsement because there isn’t that much difference between the candidates, couldn’t tell who was the best or perhaps they don’t like any of the candidates. Regardless of the reason, Representative Wright was chosen in a close run-off race. There wasn’t that much difference between them on their perspectives for the job. 
I believe John Wright to be the more conservative candidate, but Senator Lamb certainly displays the persona of a salesman to promote the State of Oklahoma which is a major function for the Lt. Governor position. Both are good communicators, John’s style is thorough and methodical, while Todd’s style is forceful and full of charisma. While I believe either of them will make a good Lt. Governor, our members did select John Wright who now joins these other candidates endorsed by OCPAC. Randy Brogdon for Governor, Mark Costello for Labor Commissioner, Nathan Dahm for 1st District Congress, R.J. Harris for 4th District Congress and Kevin Calvey for 5th District Congress. Congratulations to all of these fine candidates.
Whomever wins the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor will face a seasoned, well-prepared Democratic challenger in Senator Kenneth Corn.