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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sabbath Silliness

Sunday Debate:  In my estimation, cupcakes are an ideal breakfast food - virtually all the major food groups are represented.  Cupcakes are, in my opinion, little more than muffins with icing on them.  There was a little dynamic tension when I walked into the dining room to see the majority of the girls sitting at the table eating cereal, two eating nothing and all the while, a very large tray of delicious cupcakes were sitting on the counter.  I asked the question as to why they weren't eating cupcakes for breakfast and the rather loud response was in the form of a question:  "We can have cupcakes for breakfast?"  I said, "Why, of course.  Cupcakes are simply muffins with icing on them."  Smiles abounded and they dove into the cupcakes.  My wife entered the room with a less than happy look on her face, but they had it covered because I had already approved of such food substances for breakfast consumption.

Apparently, there is still some debate as to the efficacy of cupcakes as approved by the Breakfast Police.  Scored points with the girls, lost a couple points with the wife.  But still, the girls out-number us anyway. 

To be continued...

Sunday Morning News:  There was a time in my life when I lived for the Sunday morning news shows.  I thought the sun rose and set by those programs and anyone who has any interest in politics must, by necessity, follow them with religious fervor.  But then, life happened and I found myself with no interest whatsoever to watch them.  There was a time when I was in the running for the Sunday morning standoff with Mike Turpen over at KFOR, but I didn't quite fit the mold.  I was probably too conservative, wouldn't allow Mike to filibuster the conversations and told him as much.  Former Mayor Kirk is a little more patient, and clearly more connected with the Heritage Hills crowd than am I.  It was then, really, that I realized how the shows are not really designed for open and candid debate, but really are more about pushing a subtle message of unity with just enough dynamic tension to make them appear as though they are real discussions.  Mike and Kirk have a whole lot more in common than one would realize on the surface and We The Sheeple rarely delve into the nuance of media so their alliances continue to fly under the radar.

And since Tim Russert passed, there is nothing on the national scene worth watching - if I want to watch liberal propaganda, I'll turn on 60 Minutes and get my fill.