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Monday, June 28, 2010

Brogdon Supporter: Never underestimate the power of grassroots.

That was the Facebook status of a key player in the Brogdon campaign's efforts in Central Oklahoma and based on the straw poll results, she's right. 

Brogdon has won virtually every single straw poll he has been a part of, and it is directly related to his ability to mobilize his boots on the ground and get them to the various state party events.  At the State GOP meeting held last week, Brogdon beat out Congresswoman Mary Fallin on her own turf and it sent some shockwaves through the crowd.

While it is true that SoonerPoll has Fallin up by 50 points in statewide polling, the supporter is correct - never underestimate the power of grassroots.

Grassroots operations will play a key role in virtually every race this GOP primary.  In the 5th District, for example, Mike Thompson's grassroots operation has already been hitting the streets, quietly gathering support and now, his campaign supporters await his launch on television.  Lankford too has an enormous grassroots operation that has the inside track to most of the Baptist community in Central Oklahoma because of his job as a youth counselor at the uber-popular Falls Creek. 

Senate District 30 is another example of grassroots operations and in that district, if signs could vote, Matt Jackson would have the edge, though his opponent, Mayor Mick's Chief of Staff David Holt has a serious lead in the money race. 

Whether the grassroots operation for Brogdon will result in making up for the 50 point polling spread is yet to be seen, but this is the election year when anything is possible.