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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Review

Being quiet is not something I normally do, but I've been so covered up over the weekend, haven't had much time to write anything.  Let's review what I've missed, shall we?

GOP CHAIR:  Looks like the Republican Party has a new chair in Matt Pinnell.  Pinnell seems to be the right guy at the right time for this job.  He takes over for Gary Jones who has stepped down to run once again for State Auditor.  Pinnell is young, energetic and might have the opportunity to bring some new faces to the game at the GOP headquarters.  God knows that some of the folks down there previously have been less than pleasant to deal with - having the stereotypical elitist Republican attitude.  The GOP should hope that the focus on the gubernatorial race will take center stage because Congresswoman Fallin will be facing the fight of her political life against either Jari Askins or Drew Edmondson. 

BROGDON, CALVEY WIN STRAW POLLS:  At the state party meeting where Matt Pinnell was chosen as GOP Chair, State Senator Randy Brogdon beat Mary Fallin in the straw poll.  How that happened is anyone's guessbut there is no doubt that Brogdon is serious about winning.  Apparently, Randy took after Mary about her support of the first bailout and it resonated with the crowd.  But still, in polling, Fallin holds on to a 50-point lead in the race which at this point seems virtually impossible to overcome without at least $1 million in media being spent on behalf of Brogdon.  So far, however, Brogdon has won every single straw poll thus far.  This is a wild campaign.  OkiePundit has an interesting take on it here

At the candidate forum hosted and broadcast by KTOK, Kevin Calvey won the straw poll, though listening to the debate, it was very clear that his message has been finely tuned to focus on his National Guard Service in the green zone in Iraq.  Bronze Star recipient (not with the "V" mind you), Calvey has been working on this message and campaigning in essence for the last four years and has worked hard to garner the support of conservative groups.  Shane Jett was the only candidate to argue for providing amnesty for illegals, Calvey responded without hesitation that he would not vote for any amnesty whatsoever.  What was surprising, however, is how NO ONE asked Kevin about his bill to provide in-state tuition rates for the children of illegals.  No one.  But Kevin later apologized

AT&T BLACKBERRY SUPPORT SUCKS:  I know, it's a personal note, but still - I have had AT&T Blackberry service for a very long time and you probably already note that I have changed my servers for my websites and trying to change your email settings on a Blackberry is tantamount to brain surgery for a dork like me.  So, I have decided that my contract with AT&T is up at the end of the month and since AT&T has their heads firmly planted up the iPhone rear ends, that I am switching to Sprint Blackberry Service.  It's cheaper, it's quicker and you get more services - like free GPS.  Yeah.  Looking forward to the change.