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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Independence Day Supervision

Sales tax revenues are down, the state is suffering a budget shortfall and the out-going Governor is still searching for employment.  Doing their part to ensure safe highways and a steady stream of revenue from the taxpayers of Oklahoma, law enforcement has announced their supervision this weekend on the roads and frankly, it is welcomed.

The Oklahoman reports that the Oklahoma law enforcement will be out in full force ready to nail drunk drivers.  As well they should be.  For some, Independence Day is an excuse to drink and drive - hell, for some just about any holiday is a good excuse for stupidity - and Oklahoma law enforcement officers will be doing their part to lock up a few bad guys (and gals).

As a guy who lost a loved one to drunk driving a long time ago, I personally ask you to be responsible and just don't drink and drive.  If you drink, find a designated driver or just stay put.

This weekend is the 2nd Annual Blues Jam & Wail hosted by yours truly, Steven "Scoop" Jones as well as Frank and Pat Paradise and more than likely, there will be a few adult beverages consumed by participants.  We are doing to ensure that no one drives who should not be and will even have some tents set up for folks who need to stay put.  The hope is that you'll do the same.