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Friday, June 11, 2010

CHK Hosts GOP CD5 "Top Gun" Forum

Chesapeake Energy Corporation hosted what I refer to as a "GOP Top Gun" forum for the candidates for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District.  Apparently, it was a question and answer forum where employees of CHK could ask questions of the Top Gun candidates for the GOP.

The candidates were:
James Lankford
Mike Thompson
Kevin Calvey

The feedback I have received is that political newcomer, James Lankford, knocked it out of the park and impressed virtually everyone in attendance.  Which is interesting because Mike Thompson was chair of the uber-powerful State House Energy Committee.  Thompson has on his advisory committee some major players in the energy sector including:  Larry Nichols (Devon), Joe Warren (Cimarron), Pete Brown (Cimarron), Chad McDougall (JMA Energy), Sean Cummings (Cummings Oil), Robert Hefner V (Hefner Energy) and Mike McDonald (OIPA and Triad Energy).  A virtual "Who's Who" of the Oklahoma energy industry.

Whether or not CHK throws any money in the GOP CD5 race is yet to be determined, but from what I have heard, Lankford really surprised everyone there.