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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"Speaker" Not Speaking

Watching KOKH Fox 25 last night, I found myself quite amused with the fact that we have a Speaker of the House who isn't speaking.

At least not to the members of the media.

Fox's Andrew Speno showed up at the home of Speaker of the House Chris Benge, greeted by Benge's lovely wife.  She went to get her husband, but Speaker Benge decided to let his wife deal with the eager news anchor rather than "speaking" himself.  They were supposedly on their way to their son's baseball game and couldn't be bothered with the whole Medical Examiner/Randy Terrill/Mike Christian/Debbe Leftwich scandal.

Fox 25 performed incredibly well last night, asking many of the questions taxpayers of Oklahoma have on their minds right now.

I didn't know which was better - Hell's Kitchen or Speno's report.

Here is the link!