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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cleveland County GOP Bans Harris

R. J. Harris, Republican opponent of Congressman Tom Cole has been banned from all Cleveland County GOP events because, apparently, he broke the rules regarding video taping segments of his speech during a recent Cleveland County event. 

Depending upon whom you speak with, the responses range from an outright travesty that Harris has been banned to relief because he was a bit of a trouble-maker.  Here is the email from the Cleveland County GOP Vice Chair:

Due to your and your campaign's inability to follow simple rules set out by the Cleveland County GOP at last week's candidate forum, you will no longer be allowed to participate as a candidate in future Cleveland County GOP events. There was a large sign at the entrance of the event clearly stating that recording was not permitted inside the auditorium. In addition, this information was included in every email sent out by the county party pertaining to the event. Because videos of the event have miraculously found their way to your website and youtube page, you clearly condone such actions while being fully aware that you were breaking the rules. If the voters of Cleveland County can't trust you to honestly follow simple guidelines, I don't know how we can trust you to follow the constitution.

Tessa Breder
Cleveland County Republican Party Vice-Chairman
How this eventually plays out is anyone's guess, but the Harris campaign is hopping mad.  In my opinion (and I presume that is why you're reading this, to get my opinion), the rules are what they are - the County Chair decides what the rules of the game are to be at each of the functions and because previously folks have used video and taken candidate comments out of context, they banned the use of recording equipment.  Someone in the Harris camp chose to violate those rules and as they say, the rest is history.

The rule of unintended consequences, however, come into play here.  Harris hasn't polled so well and now, it could easily be spun by the Harris campaign that he is a serious contender and the party faithful are just trying to exclude him.

I'll keep you posted.  This one is going to get bloody.