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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Harris, Straw Poll

HARRIS/STRAW POLL:  Still searching for all of the results from the Cleveland County Straw Poll, but got some clarification about the R.J. Harris/Tom Cole results.  According to Okie Pundit:

Tom Cole - 50%
R.J. Harris - 36%
Tom Cole won 50 to 36, which matches the 58% to 42% spread the RJ Harris campaign is circulating. The Harris campaign does seem quite content with what can only be described as another sign of their impending defeat.  ~ Okie Pundit
I now see how it could be proclaimed a "victory" of sorts.  In the middle of Cole Country, to get anything more than say, 10%, could be considered an emotional victory.  I agree with Okie Pundit, Cole is going to win this race by an exceptionally wide margin.