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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Askins Democrat's Best Chance Against Fallin

Sometimes, I get it right and sometimes, I fail miserably.  This time, however, I nailed it.  I have said all along that the best chance for the Democrats would be to nominate Lt. Governor Jari Askins.  According to a poll released from SoonerPoll:

SoonerPoll asked likely voters who they would vote for in a series of match ups and found that in a Governor race between the two leaders, Fallin and Edmondson, Fallin leads by a margin 15.6 points with 50.3 percent of respondent’s support, while 35 percent said they would vote for Edmondson.
Fallin also bests Askins in a one-on-one match up, but not by as large of a margin. Fallin gained 48.5 percent of respondent’s support while 36.2 percent said they would vote for Askins. This is a slight turn-around from the January and April polls that found Askins trailing Fallin by a larger margin than Edmondson.
“Since the primary campaign began in earnest, Edmondson’s lead over Askins has evaporated,” Keith Gaddie, Vice President of SoonerPoll, said. “There are still six weeks in the campaign, and the electorate is only now starting to really engage this contest. The expectations of a close Democratic primary are being borne out. However, the general election trial heats indicate a Republican year, though Rep. Fallin’s elect number continues to hover under 50 percent.”

Now, will the Democratic Party rally behind the will of their registered voters or will the party food chain continue to support Drew?