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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Brogdon Attack Ad: McCarville Report

The McCarville Report was the first to locate the attack ad against Mary Fallin, put out there by State Senator Randy Brogdon.  Here is the ad to review, my thoughts below:

First, it was officially the first attack ad of the political season in this cycle so there are probably more than a few politicos breathing a sigh of relief.  Second, the ad misses the mark on a couple of points.  In terms of production, the voice-over is of a low tonal register which could present problems for those watching who are moderately hearing impaired.  Secondly, the TARP bailout discussion is getting old and so far, voters are willing to overlook the issue because Mary did in fact vote against the second bailout.  It may appear to some viewers that Brogdon is being less than genuine.  Third, the last :10 of the ad, there is only one mention of Senator Brogdon.  There should have been something that underscores why he believes he is a legitimate contrast to Congresswoman Fallin.

Again, hat-tip to Mike McCarville.