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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

OkiePundit: Harris supporter blames cheating for upcoming loss

OkiePundit has a very interesting story about an R.J. Harris supporter who believes firmly that Congressman Tom Cole may be...cheating.

Here is an excerpt:
The first sentence is a superfluous statement of fact. If an election were held today, anywhere, it is possible a candidate will lose. The issue is not one of possibility but probability, and in no way, shape or form is it likely that Tom Cole will lose to RJ Harris.
Furthermore, RJ Harris has not made deep inroads into the district. He is virtually unknown anywhere except in Norman, where the most receptive audience towards the Ron Paul movement resides. Which makes it puzzling that Warren would say Harris has not made inroads into Norman. Warren, it should be noted, has a reputation for incoherence and inaccuracy.
Read the whole article here.