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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fallin Nabs Edmond Life and Leisure Endorsement

Congresswoman Mary Fallin nabs yet another endorsement and this time, not from an elected official.  Edmond Life and Leisure, the paper that has been giving the Edmond Sun fits for the last decade, has endorsed Mary for Governor.  From the publisher's endorsement:
It has become very popular for newspapers to have “editorial boards.” There is no such beast here at Edmond Life & Leisure. It is an informal process and the entire staff has input into the call. However, the buck stops at my desk. There is no corporate structure here friends. I am the one you can poke in the nose if you don’t like what is said. I would prefer just a “Letter to the Editor” but do what you think you are up to.
We endorse with full confidence and excitement our current Fifth District Representative in Congress and former Lt. Governor of the great state of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, for the Republican nomination in the July 27 primary election. This will also come as no surprise for those of you who read this column regularly. The disclaimer I have here is that she is a personal friend and has been one since our kids were young enough to play together at Rotary Christmas dinners.
Does this endorsement hurt or help Congresswoman Fallin?