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Friday, July 09, 2010

Sign Pairings

Cruising around Central Oklahoma you will find literally hundreds of candidate signs in yards, empty lots and even on the back of fences.  As one astute observer once said, "signs don't vote," and she is quite correct yet it is intriguing to me to see how people are aligning themselves right now.

In my neighborhood, I saw a Brogdon sign with a Calvey sign, then three doors down, I saw a Lankford sign with a Brogdon sign.  Just down the road, there were four Fallin houses side by side...and then, another Fallin sign with a Roy sign.

I have seen Owen Laughlin signs coupled with Lankford signs, but none paired up with Calvey or Roy. 

I have seen a bunch of Thompson signs at corner lots across the street from Lankford signs, and I have seen Thompson signs with more Fallin signs than Brogdon signs.

What does it all mean?  Who knows?

Just struck me as interesting.  Of course, I'm easily entertained.