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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Charlie Meadows Defends Calvey

From the OCPAC email today (emphasis, mine)...

Early on, Kevin Calvey was the front-runner in the 5th District Congressional race. Talking with Kevin months ago, he indicated he knew he would be attacked, he just didn’t know from how many directions the attacks would come.

I have believed for some time that the Oklahoman would be against Kevin. In my opinion, the multiple news articles in Sunday’s Oklahoman regarding Kevin was just the start of a subtle effort to raise doubts in the minds of voters regarding Calvey. Particularly the totally irrelevant article about stopping to help a vagrant in a driving rain storm near a park known to be a bee hive of activity for homosexuals and the fact that the vagrant told Kevin about a dead body in a vacant building… yada, yada, yada.

Here is the deal, Mark Shannon asked Kevin on air during the controversial debate regarding Maps III if he supported the extension of the sales tax? Kevin’s answer was no because he believed that during a recession, the citizens could best benefit from a tax cut. I am of the opinion, that Clay Bennett, a member of the family who owns the Oklahoman, is probably out there urging the business community to oppose Calvey and support James Lankford for Congress. It is also my understanding that former Mayor Kirk Humphreys is going to host a fund raiser for James Lankford. If that information is correct, you couldn’t have a better picture of the central planning establishment working to capture the ear and service of Lankford and thus begin their efforts to be served by a Congressman.

Even though OCPAC endorsed Kevin Calvey, I have had a great deal of respect for James Lankford and the campaign he has conducted. Up until now, his campaign has primarily been financed by people who have never before contributed to political races. He has truly brought a whole new group of people into the process, at least to a deeper level of commitment than just being a voter.

I know how seductive these powerful central planners can be and am very concerned as to whether or not James can be independent with their support should he win? Will he have the ability to say no when they want some pork for a pet project? Will James continue to care about excessive spending and huge deficits? This is where is gets really tough to be in elected office.

During the debate on Maps III, all of the then known candidates were against the proposition except Mike Thompson who told me he had a strong opinion but wouldn’t dare share it with anyone and James Lankford who wouldn’t say if he were against or for the measure as he didn’t believe a person in Congress should interject himself into local matters. I always struggled with that answer as I don’t believe that to be leadership. I suspect James’ answer was partly determined based on advice from a political consultant. Real leadership will always get out front and lead. Kevin did that and now is at risk from those special interests who may be the primary beneficiaries from the extension of the sales tax.
This run-off election could go either way, so please consider these perspectives and consider as to why the Oklahoman may not support Kevin Calvey. It is all the more reason for me to want to support Kevin as I believe he is not the candidate of what I might suggest are the OKC central planners.
Charlie has a number of good points here...