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Friday, August 13, 2010

Where's Jari?

Jari Askins surprised pundits by defeating the uber-powerful Drew Edmondson in the Democratic gubernatorial primary but now, she has vanished into the Bermuda Triangle of politics.  Daily messages on social networking sites have all but vanished, and it's leaving people wondering just what happened to our Lt. Governor.

Conversely, Congresswoman Mary Fallin has been on the airwaves, sending out press releases and has even taken a shot at Jari Askins and her record on concealed carry - painting her as an anti-gun candidate.  In the press release questioning Askins' record, there is a statement about the Lt. Governor's Turkey Hunt, implying perhaps that Askins hasn't supported or participated.  It's false, of course, but Jari never responded.

So, if you see Jari Askins anywhere, remind her that she is running for Governor.  It appears as though she may have forgotten.