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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Show Must and Will Go On

Hot weather, sickness, equipment issues and other maladies have crossed the path of those of us putting together the Back to School Blues Jam and Wail, but nonetheless...the show will go on August 28th, Paradise Farm.  Sometimes, there are things bigger than the mere individual, the collective good as it were and the Blues Jam and Wail will benefit the Hugs Project of Oklahoma.

The Hugs Project sends care packages to our troops and have these really fascinating cooling wraps they send to the men and women in the heat of the Middle East.  There are many non-profits working to help our men and women of the Armed Forces and the Hugs Project clearly stands out as one of the finest.

There will be musical guests including an incredible acoustic set with a good friend of mine, Tink and his cohort, the band we've put together (Blackened Blues Band) will play and then, it's an open jam for all to be a part of and we even have a massive karaoke system too.  We'll have hot dogs, plenty of shade and all you're required to bring is yourselves, your lawn chairs, beverage of choice and a few bucks to donate to the Hugs Project.  Also, I'll be posting a list of "need" items that the Hugs Project needs donated to send to our troops. 

We've been through a lot here in Oklahoma over the last couple years and it is important to note that it is nothing contrasted with what our troops are facing each and every day in the Middle East.

It's FREE.  It's FUN and it is required attendance for all who appreciate amateur musicians and great fellowship.  If you'd like to volunteer or get involved, send me a message here.