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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tough Economy For Oklahoma Outfitters

The economy has turned tough for many Oklahomans and this is why so many political candidates are talking about job creation.  One of the toughest hit industries in Oklahoma has been, and continues to be, tourism.  If you notice, you'll find many advertisements on Oklahoma television stations for Branson, Vegas and even Wyoming - many of the deals struck between Chambers of Commerce to ensure a steady flow of tourism revenues streaming through our state.

But the truth of the matter is that for hunters, we have some of the finest hunting available in the country, we're just not doing a good job promoting it.

Oklahomans come from a hearty stock of hunters and anglers and in many cases, the tradition has been passed down from generation to generation.  But with the down-turn in the economy, many hunters and anglers have been selective about spending their hard-earned money and in some cases, have gone for the sexy Wyoming or Alaska hunting trips where the appeal of the exotic supersedes the inward desire to support that which is local.

I can honestly say that I have only been on one trip outside the state of Oklahoma and that was a pronghorned antelope hunt in Marfa, Texas with Ted Nugent.  It was purchased as a gift and "Bob" the antelope is usually displayed with a great deal of pride on my wall.  But what I am truly most proud of are the numerous hunts I went on right here in the great state of Oklahoma.

Killed a Corsican ram at Chain Ranch in Canton.

Killed doe and dove at J&J Ranch in Arnett. 

Killed a nice buck on a lease in Commanche.

Slayed dove and quail in Altus.

Grilled a doe from Honobia Creek.

Slaughtered a monster hog at No Mercy in Gracemont.

Shot my first feral hog with a bow in Binger.

Turkey hunted with the PVA in Miami, Oklahoma.

And the list goes on...

Oklahomans are encouraged to spend their dollars in the state of Oklahoma.  We have some of the best hunting and angling in the country right here, all within a reasonable driving distance. 

Together, we can save our outfitters.