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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coyle Gets Switzer/Henry To Host Fundraiser

Billy Coyle is the Democratic candidate for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District where he faces Republican James Lankford and Independent Libertarian Clark Duffe.  And Billy Coyle has pulled out a couple of the big guns to help with his campaign in Governor Brad Henry and Coach Barry Switzer.

Hosting a fundraiser this very evening in the backyard of country club Republicans (Nichols Hills), Coyle looks to walk away from the fundraiser with a ton of cash and photo opportunities that will make his campaign team giddy with excitement.  Unfortunately, thus far, the only people who really know about Coyle are the Democrats who are pinning their desperate hopes on a guy who is probably one of the best candidates the Democrats have put forth in years.  Coyle is running at the wrong time - a time when the anger and ire against Washington Democrats.  We have already seen the GOP fire shots at Jari Askins in the gubernatorial race, comparing her to President Obama. 

I think that was in the Republican campaign talking points memo that went out nationwide because that's what all the campaigns are doing.

And Coyle's opponents are tough.  Clark Duffe, the Libertarian, is wickedly intelligent and knows the "red meat" issues better than anyone in the race.  He is a perpetual candidate, true, but he is a bright fellow.  But electing a Libertarian in pro-life, anti-drug Central Oklahoma is about as likely as Matt Pinnell hosting a fundraiser for Al Franken.

Which leads us to the Republican boy-wonder, James Lankford.

Lankford is the red-haired "New Moses" of the Republican Party, a Baptist camp program director who will lead the 5th District Republicans into the promised land of milk, honey and s'mores.  Lankford's popularity  in Central Oklahoma rivals only that of Hannah Montana, only without the singing.  Lankford came from nowhere to defeat the armies of Pharaoh (establishment Republicans) and is poised to be the first-ever Baptist camp counselor to serve in Congress.  Oklahoma truly is a trend-setting state.

Will Switzer be able to help Coyle increase his name identification?  It's hard to say.  Switzer helped pull off an upset for Jari Askins against Drew Edmondson, but this is decidedly a higher mountain to climb.  And in Central Oklahoma, Brad Henry might as well be Barbara Boxer.  He did, however, voice his opposition to SQ744 which shocked many in the conservative universe.  Coyle is going to have to get up on media quickly because he sure as hell is losing the battle on the Internet and on social networking sites.

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