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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Non-Politics: American Idol Off The Radar

Simon Cowell was the lifeblood of American Idol.  His grumblings, his back-and-forth with Paula, his witty retorts...all made American Idol the show that it was for the last few seasons.  This year, Simon Cowell is replaced with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and Paula Abdul is replaced with Jennifer Lopez.

While Lopez is certainly easier on the eyes than Paula and arguably more talented, there is no way in hell Tyler will be more catty and delightfully annoying than Cowell.  And you can lie to yourself all you want - we all watched AI to see and hear Cowell take someones face off.

Randy Jackson will be there this season, providing us with his insight and the ridiculously annoying "Yo, dawg," commentary but it will hardly be enough to save the show. 

American Idol has produced some amazing talent, including the likes of Oklahoma's very own Carrie Underwood...who is a vegetarian and supports PETA (sorry to burst your Underwood bubble, guys).