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Friday, September 24, 2010

Good News: Underworld 4 Is Set

Kate Beckinsale will be back and she will be back to kill the bad vampires though she herself is a vampire.  Kind of like Karl Rove attacking Republicans though he is one himself.  But I digress.

For movie buffs (particularly male), the Underworld series was a good one, coupling great CG with a great cast of characters, the most prominent being Kate Beckinsale.  The petite Beckinsale, clad in her form-fitting leather/something outfit with all types of firearms and wicked vampire-killing ammo is splendid.

It's really the way the Twilight series should have ended - with Kate showing up on the scene making short work of Edward and whatever that creepy other dude's name is.

Coming to theaters whenever they find a director for the film, it will be the fourth of the series.

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