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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Campus Concealed Carry Arguments (Again)

Fox 25 aired a story this evening about a concerned young lady who wants to push to allow for concealed carry permits on college campuses.  This comes after a student at the sacred ground overseen by St. Burns Hargis (OSU) was shot - by a criminal who brought the firearm on campus.

The criminal must not have listened to the sermon presented by St. Hargis.

The young lady in the news report handed out flyers saying to the criminals that because campuses are "gun-free zones," they have basically a free ride.

Lest we forget, just a couple years ago the House in Oklahoma passed a campus concealed carry bill but former State Senator Kathleen Wilcoxson opposed it and sure enough, the man whom Governor-elect Mary Fallin slated for her transition team made sure the bill died a quick and painful death.  Who was that man?  Glenn Coffee.

This is going to be another test for Governor-elect Mary Fallin - she boasted of her NRA support, her support for those of us who are defenders and believers in the 2nd Amendment. 

There will be legislation again to push for a campus concealed carry, and in this climate, God help the legislators who oppose it.

If it doesn't pass after all the promises made this last election cycle, there will be hell to pay.  How many more students have to be needlessly attacked before the establishment pays attention?