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Monday, November 08, 2010

Lamb's Seat Warming Up

State Senator Todd Lamb hedged his bets before winning the post of Lt. Governor and now, the race is beginning to heat up with Carol Hefner announcing on her Facebook page that she will be receiving the endorsement of some pretty well-known names.  Her opponent, Greg Treat, has launched his website (here).

Hefner has acquired the assistance of Fount Holland and his A&H Strategies as her consultant, though she claims exceptional independence.  Fount Holland and his crew ran Kevin Calvey's campaign for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District as well as Rob Johnson's attempt for Corporation Commissioner, then his successful bid for the State Senate.

Greg Treat, who recently ran the 2010 Oklahoma GOP "Victory Campaign," will more than likely run his race on his own - he has plenty of experience.  He's worked with the legendary Senator Tom Coburn, was the campaign manager for former State Representative Fred Morgan's 5th Congressional District race and most recently working for the Oklahoma GOP.  Greg has been in politics pretty much his entire life.  On his website under the "Who is Greg Treat? heading, it lists the following:
*Devoted Christian
*Faithful Husband to Maressa
*Proud Father of Mason (3) and Cooper (5 months)
*Hard worker, dedicated leader and lifelong conservative
*Passionately advocated for pro-life issues
*Working HARD to be your next Senator!
All wonderful qualities and for the GOP-insiders, Greg is well known and very well respected - though the lack of a bio on his page is quite the glaring omission.

Carol Hefner and Greg Treat both appear to feel a "calling" on their life and part of said "calling" is to run for public office.

[Sidebar:  Times certainly have changed...there was a time when God "called" people to minister, to care for the poor, for the widows and orphans in their time of need.  Today, God calls people into politics, it appears.]

This is going to be an exceptionally fun race to watch and oh yes, we'll be watching.