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Friday, November 12, 2010

Goza Announces Candidacy for SD47

From Michelle Evans:


Kenny Goza announced his candidacy today for the special election to fill Lieutenant Governor Elect – Senator Todd Lamb’s seat representing Edmond and North Oklahoma City.  Goza is a businessman, husband and father who wants to change how government does business.  “I am a bootstrap Republican.  I believe that more government is not the answer to our problems.  Government spends far too much of our hard earned money.  It is time that we use our common sense and conservative values to make our state government reflect the values of Oklahomans.”  Goza said.

Kenny Goza understands the problems with government.  He has dealt with them since he was eight years old when he was placed in the state foster care system.  He was one of the lucky children and was adopted by a kind, hard working family where he learned the values of honor, integrity and faith.  This experience shaped Kenny into the person he is today.  He believes that it is vital that we serve others and give our children the best opportunity for success through strong families and excellence in education.

Kenny Goza is a public servant – not a politician.  He served our country in the United States Army in Germany behind the Iron Curtain of Communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.  He is a veteran, lifetime member of the VFW and the American Legion.  He served our state as a former staff member to Governor Frank Keating, and he spearheaded the growth of Oklahoma’s Amber Alert – Child Abduction Program.

“We must get our values back into government so that Oklahoma can prosper.  I believe we must stand strong against illegal immigration.  I support gun rights, lower taxes, strengthening families, strong work ethic, smaller government, and more money in the classroom so our children can get the education they deserve.”  Goza said. 

Kenny Goza understands the difficulties government places upon business owners.  He has established five offices across the state to provide legal services to hard working Oklahomans.  He understands making a payroll and the importance of job creation for the future of our state.

“If elected, I promise to work hard to rid public service of the career-minded politicians that work for special interest groups and recklessly spend our hard earned tax money.  I want to return the “public” back to public service by volunteering my time and energy to serve as your State Senator.  I will donate my pay to foster children and veteran programs.”Goza said.

Kenny Goza is a husband, father and Main Street businessman.  He has two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Oklahoma in History and International Area Studies of Latin America, a Master of Arts degree in International Relations and a Juris Doctorate from Oklahoma City University.