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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Kenny Goza, Senate District 47 Candidate

Lt. Governor-elect Todd Lamb's Senate Seat is up for grabs and so far, we have three names:  Greg Treat (GOP Victory Campaign, Fred Morgan's former campaign manager, former Coburn staffer), Carol Hefner (Mom, concerned Christian, philanthropist) and now, Kenny Goza.

Goza has an interesting, though difficult to read, website listing his qualifications and one thing that stands out more than anything is his willingness NOT to take a paycheck for his work as State Senator.  He doesn't NEED the job, he WANTS the job, so it seems. 

Here is a thumbnail sketch of Mr. Goza:
*Army veteran.
*Former food clerk.
*Former produce manager.
*Small business owner/entrepreneur.
*Practicing attorney.
*Holds a B.A. in History from OU, a B.A. in International Studies of Latin America from OU, an M.A. in International Relations from OU, and a J.D. from OCU.

Quite the pedigree.

He will be competing against Greg Treat who is one of the stars of the Republican Party and has been a political insider his whole life.  He will also face Carol Hefner whose last name alone will garner huge financial contributions and more than likely will receive most of the endorsements from the energy sector in Oklahoma. 

Can Goza win?  That is going to depend on his ground game and refining his message on specific issues.  If the people of Senate District 47 are serious about change and reform of state government, he stands a pretty good chance of making some hay.  If, however, they are what some define as "country club Republicans," Goza will have an exceptionally tough time.