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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Wrap Up

A long and challenging week is behind us so, let's review some of the stories of interest and get your take on them.

Egypt:  Unrest in Egypt this week has resulted in the brutal rape of a CBS reporter and that alone has sparked controversy.  Should CBS report more about the incident and keep the public aware of the reporter's progress?  Should CBS be all over the Embassy, ensuring that what's left of the Egyptian government knows that the United States won't tolerate such atrocity?  It is a difficult situation, and one that Americans are watching, but approach with caution.

Crude Oil:  As a result of the economy, the lack of offshore drilling and the Egyptian crisis, crude oil has topped the $100/barrel mark and doesn't look to be slowing down.  Gasoline prices here in Oklahoma have reflected the crude crisis, seeing gasoline crest $3/gallon.  Meanwhile, Iraq is reporting record exports - a story that seems to have been lost on the general public and the NYMEX as well.

Devon Boathouse Open:  The much-awaiting grand opening of the Devon Boathouse is taking place and according to a story in the Oklahoman (here), the public is invited to check it out.  And for the record - the boathouse isn't what you think.  It's actually for some sport thing they call "rowing."  You won't find any Bass Trackers, Bayliners or Nitro bass boats there.

Sunshine:  The weather in Oklahoma is about as unpredictable as Senate Democrats - one day hot, one day cold.  But thankful nonetheless that the sun is shining.