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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mary's New Ad - The Pink Elephant In the Room

Mary Fallin has a new ad entitled "Stand Up."  In the ad (below), Mary talks about her willingness to "fight Washington" as Governor.  There are questions, however, that the ad simply begs.  Every molecule in the universe cries out for an answer to one very simple, yet critical question that is the big pink elephant in the room:

Mary, if you couldn't fight Washington as an insider and serving as a damned Congresswoman, what makes you think we believe you can or will here as Governor? 

There, I asked it.  Mary Fallin didn't fight anyone in Washington, except to fight for an autograph from the President...but I digress. 

The ad is brilliant, actually.  It doesn't say a doggone thing about the actual role of governor in the great state of Oklahoma and what Mary would actually be charged with AS governor.  It pleasantly avoids the fact that Oklahoma has one of the weakest governors in the country and it is so by design.  We let the legislature screw things up, not the governor.

Here's the ad.  Let me know your thoughts.