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Monday, September 13, 2010

Prediction: Lankford Sails

Bottom line:  Oklahoma will elect its first ever Baptist Church Camp Program Director as a Congressman.  Coyle is an attorney and a Democrat and even the Blue Dogs will have a tough time getting behind giving the Democrats another seat in the House.

Dave White, former Navy SEAL and former Republican, announced today that he is supporting James Lankford - and that will help with some of the veteran's votes and will probably take some of the veterans away from Coyle, who is a Marine.

We live in strange times, friends.

Lankford came out of nowhere and no one planned for his meteoric rise to fame in the GOP.  No one.  He brings to the table enormous support from the Baptist community in Oklahoma and those resources have proven to be invaluable. 

But hey.  Looks like the Sooners and Cowboys both are going to have stellar seasons.