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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mary Needs Help

RGA launches a salvo against Jari Askins that pretty much everyone believed was a pile of steaming horse manure, Jari responds quickly and decisively, encouraging Congresswoman Mary Fallin to tell the RGA to pound sand and throws a little jab about the TARP bailout. 

Now, Mary Fallin needs help in combating the response to the RGA ad.  From Mary's Campaign Manager:

Dear Friend,
It didn't take long for our opponent to launch her first attack against Mary. As soon as someone started asking tough questions about her statements and votes on illegal immigration, Jari Askins attempted to change the subject by launching an attack on Mary.
And on top of her attack, she's now claiming to be a conservative! A conservative doesn't oppose tax cuts, vote against "concealed carry" or refuse to take a stand against the big-government takeover of health care. All of which Jari Askins has done.
We need your help TODAY to fight back! Click here to support Mary with a donation to our campaign so we can go on the air with our campaign ads ASAP!
Our opponent has spent her millions trying to win elected office in Oklahoma. And she's at it again with her first attack against Mary. Please help us respond to this attack by giving to our campaign TODAY!

Thanks for all you do!


Denise Northrup
Campaign Manager
I had no idea Jari opposed "concealed carry."  Fascinating what you learn from emails and press releases.