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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bamboozled: I Told You So

In probably one of the most telling stories of the political year, the Oklahoman sheds light on the difference between campaign promises and election realities.  The problem is that the Oklahoman doesn't even realize they accomplished such a feat.

According to the story, issues important to voters this cycle such as illegal immigration and the 2nd amendment are "frivolous" to the Republican leadership.


Remember:  Mary Fallin lambasted Jari Askins for her alleged lack of support for Arizona's immigration law, touted the endorsement of Arizona's "tough immigration reform Governor" and even the Republican Governor's Association launched television attacks against Askins for her supposed soft posture on illegal immigration.  The following from the Oklahoman story today reads as though it was speaking of Governor Henry, rather than the so-called uber-conservative Governor-elect Mary Fallin:
Fallin said she would like to see immigration measures confined to securing the country's borders.
Wait a minute!  Fallin campaigned as being tough on illegal immigration, says that she supports the tough Arizona illegal immigration proposal and would support such a measure in Oklahoma and then what happens?  She gets elected and shows her true colors. 

In a story in the Edmond Sun, Fallin is quoted as saying:
“As a governor I would be challenging that, too,” Fallin said amid applause. “I’d be standing up and fighting that because it’s the states’ rights to protect their borders and to be able to protect against illegal immigration.”

Fallin also said she would fight for 2nd Amendment rights.

We've been bamboozled, brothers and sisters.

And there have been numerous stories right here on this blog dealing with the Jeremiah Wright-ish pastor of Kris Steele and his refusal to repudiate those statements and then a story on Steele's family filing suit against Daisy Manufacturing, and now the statements in the Oklahoman that shows Fred Morgan to be the puppet-master for Kris Steele.

Fred Morgan is the State Chamber of Commerce President, former general counsel for the State Senate (where he was overpaid to make sure legislation passed Constitutional muster) and served for 12 years in the House where his claim to fame was a bill relating to violent video games that was later overturned by the courts as...wait for it...unconstitutional.


Republicans and Democrats alike voted for real reform, for real conservative ideologies puked forth by candidates and now that they have their jobs, We the People are shown that we are mere peasants.  We are the "subjects," not the drivers of political policy. 

Here is a press release from Randy Terrill about this issue:


"Oklahoma Republicans won a historic victory in the most recent election due in large part to our strong commitment to cracking down on illegal immigration, protecting and advancing second amendment rights, and passing pro-family social legislation.  However, recent statements attributed to Speaker-elect Kris Steele in the Oklahoman have called into question whether the agenda of the next legislature will be consistent with the promises we Republicans have made to our constituents on the doorsteps.

It is the role of the Speaker of the House of Representatives to reflect the views of the House's members, not to thwart them.  Accordingly, I hereby immediately call on Speaker-elect Steele to clearly, publicly and unequivocally repudiate the comments attributed to him in the Oklahoman and affirm that illegal immigration, second amendment rights, and pro-family social legislation will not only be a priority, but will be a central focus of the next legislature's agenda.

Otherwise, conservative members of the House Republican caucus should take note that our new leadership intends to unilaterally break the promises that we made to the public during our campaigns.  This is a monumental defining moment for who we are, as well as how and whether we can or should continue to govern, as the majority party in Oklahoma."