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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Committee Assignment: Higher Education

Todd Thomsen is the chair of the House Higher Education Committee.  Thomsen played football at the University of Oklahoma.  Which, apparently, not only makes him qualified to be a State Representative, but also gives him the skill set necessary to chair the Higher Ed Committee.

His bio is rather lean on the House website, including, well, nothing at all.  (Read it here.)

So, do you think this former athlete will be able to stand up to the David Borenistas or will he simply fall in lock-step with the rest of those who drop trousers and bend over when the University of Oklahoma come a-calling? 

Higher Education is unquestionably one of the most powerful and influential group of lobbyists in all of Oklahoma - after all, they hold in their hot little hands the tickets to see the legendary Bob Stoops bark, grumble and scratch his multi-million dollar ass on the sidelines.

So far, with a couple exceptions, there is no way anyone with any functioning brain cells can say that Kris Steele has become a beacon of conservative light in the House of Representative.  Rather, he has shown that once again, the Republicans in Oklahoma have been bamboozled.

Know your legislators, know your leadership and know when they're tinkling on your back and claiming rain.

More to follow very, very soon.