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Monday, November 22, 2010

Rush To Pimp-Hand

You either love Rush Limbaugh, or you hate the man.  Either way, Rush has created an empire that will reign as long as he so chooses - he has survived what some of his loyal listeners would consider to be anathema and has done so with style, poise and profits.

While it's true that there has been a connection between the extreme left-leaning eco-terrorists and the federal government (namely, the Gore/Obama Administration), Rush's evaluation of the Chevy Volt was wrong and  continues to be wrong and Rush made the not-so-fatal mistake of adding Motor Trend to his hit list.  And he did so do his short-lived demise.

Politics aside, our dependence upon foreign energy sources is deplorable.  Alternative fueled vehicles is but one way to reduce this doggone problem but anytime someone comes up with an idea or a concept that can and will accomplish this task, my fellow meat-eating conservatives ignore reality and spew forth hot magma in order to boost ratings or to look like the "cool kid" on the conservative block.

In an informative and incredibly entertaining blog entry from Motor Trend, MT gives Rush the equivalent of the pimp-hand.  My favorite line from the blog directed at Rush:
All the shouting from you or from electric car purists on the left can’t distort the fact that the Chevy Volt is, indeed, a technological breakthrough. And it’s more. It’s a technological breakthrough that many American families can use for gas-free daily commutes and well-planned vacation drives. It’s expensive for a Chevy, but many of those families will find the gasoline saved worth it. If you can stop shilling for your favorite political party long enough to go for a drive, you might really enjoy the Chevy Volt. I’m sure GM would be happy to lend you one for the weekend. Just remember: driving and Oxycontin don’t mix.
Read the rest of the blog here.