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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Inhofe on Lankford: "Lankford exemplifies someone who is thinking right...."

The Edmond Sun once again provides journalistic leadership where the 5th District congressional race is concerned.  I say this because the other papers are simply overlooking the race, believing Lankford's bid to be a fait au compli.

What stood out to me in the article is how United States Senator Jim Inhofe was so forthcoming in his praise and support for James.  From the article:
Lankford exemplifies someone who is thinking right, has the right motives and has overcome incredible odds in the political process, U.S. Sen. James Inhofe said.
“He will be the 5th Congressional congressman and I’m very excited about it,” Inhofe told The Edmond Sun.
Of course, Senator Inhofe has been a staunch supporter of all GOP candidates and has been very vocal.  What Inhofe's praise brings is cash-flow.  Senator Inhofe knows how to raise money and every politico with money supports Jim Inhofe.  The question remains as to whether or not James will be as conservative as Inhofe.

The story also gave Democratic candidate Billy Coyle some much-needed earned media. 
Democrat Congressional 5th District hopeful Billy Coyle said he believes Republican James Lankford represents partisan politics.

“I’m convinced that Oklahomans are tired of partisan politics and James Lankford if elected is partisan politics streamlined,” Coyle told The Edmond Sun.

However, Lankford said Oklahomans don’t think typically Democrat, Republican or Independent. Lankford said he joins with Oklahomans in thinking what’s best for families and the state.

Voters will go to the polls on Nov. 2 to choose who will best represent them in the 5th District. Two Independents, Dave White of Deer Creek and Clark Duffe of Edmond, are also on the ballot.

“My preference would be for us to be able to work together as a nation. That may sound clich√© but for Oklahomans, we share a lot of common values,” Lankford said. “I do think most of the issues that we dealt with in the campaign are not Republican, Democrat issues. They’re Oklahoma issues.”

Coyle said he challenges Republicans and Democrats to create more energy-related jobs in Oklahoma while focusing on a national energy plan with emphasis on oil.

“I’m going to focus on those issues and take it to the streets of the people,” said Coyle, a defense attorney and former Marine. “And I think people will be pleased to know that this race has someone who is fighting for Oklahoma.”
That's probably the most earned media Billy has received since he announced his candidacy.

Kudos to the Edmond Sun for getting after it.