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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering, Living

Nine years later, the visuals of the planes crashing into the Pentagon, the Twin Towers and the news of the plan downed in Pennsylvania are still heart-wrenching.  They still evoke pain and anguish.  They anger us - or at least, they should.

Americans should never forget the attacks on our soil, nor should we forget the images of our troops being burned and dragged through the streets...we should never forget.

But we must survive, we must move on and we bitch-slap the terrorists by living and doing so victoriously.  They bottom-feeding piles of human waste whose very existence is a pimple on the ass of humanity, are nothing more than terrorists with great jealousy and fear.  They are jealous of the freedom we experience, they are afraid of the power and strength of free men and women.

Today, we remember and today, we live.  We honor the memory of those who were lost some nine years ago by continuing our resolve to be free, to have and bathe in so great a liberty given to us by the Creator himself.