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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Missed Labor Day Opportunities

Not everyone heads to the lake, spends time at the cabin or cruises around Grand Lake in their $2 million yacht.  Most Oklahomans either go camping or just stay home over the Labor Day weekend.  Many candidates missed golden opportunities to reach out to voters who are at the middle of the road in the socioeconomic highway of life. 

Knocking doors, making phone calls.   These are the staples of effective campaigns.  Today, the thought is that if a candidate can spend a bazillion dollars on television, he/she doesn't have to really work that hard.  He/she can go to the parades, wave at adoring fans and not have to do the grunt work of campaigning.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

It was hard not to notice the lack of campaign activity with a few exceptions, of course.  Gary Jones was out and about with his Jones for Auditor trailer and Mary Fallin was hard to miss as well.

But the lesser known, down-ticket candidates are flying under the radar.  More missed opportunities.