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Friday, September 10, 2010

Batman Returns

Apparently, my blog has amazing power, sending out signals into the atmosphere much like the Bat-signal because sure enough, his name was mentioned and he called on the Bat-phone.  That would be Representative Randy Terrill.

After catching up on personal issues, Representative Terrill and I had a lengthy discussion about House Bill 1804, and some of the wrangling that went on therein.  It seems as though not all is as it appears out here in the blogosphere, some of the stories have been laced with inaccuracies and how the bill itself came to fruition and the negotiations were pretty heated at times.

Randy sent me a couple links to audio files that tell more of the story.  I'll let you decide whether or not what has been presented by the media and other blogs to be accurate or not.

This first is the introduction of the bill itself.

Here is the audio file of the debate...

Soon, I'll have a follow up story, predicated on the emails and calls on the Bat-phone received over the weekend.