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Thursday, September 09, 2010

RGA Ad Backlash?

Mike McCarville posted an attack ad earlier this week, bought and paid for by the Republican Governor's Association (RGA) that attacks Lt. Governor Jari Askins on the issue of illegal immigration.  Some would say it is a smart move because illegal immigration is an 80 percentile issue.  80% of the Oklahoma population believes there to be a serious illegal immigration problem.  And they would be correct.

Unfortunately, the RGA fails to recognize that under the United States Constitution, immigration is largely a federal problem - one that Congresswoman Mary Fallin vowed to tackle back in 2006 when she was elected.  Much like Ernest Istook arguing that Brad Henry was soft on illegal immigration, Henry pointed out the fact that after 14 years in Congress, Istook failed to accomplish anything about the issue he himself trumpeted.

The bill under scrutiny by the RGA ignores the reality that even Representative Randy Terrill's HB1804 protected the policies regarding illegals and their education status.  Let's not forget that many of Mary Fallin's supporters in the business community have very loudly opposed HB1804, but Mary has said nothing about it.

Neither has she done anything about illegal immigration in her four years in Congress.  Constitutional Conservatives should ask Congresswoman Fallin about her position on both HB1804 and what the proper role of the federal government is regarding immigration and why she didn't author any legislation relative to challenging the interpretation of the 14th Amendment (birthright citizenship) - as she promised to do back when she was elected to Congress in 2006.

Here is what Mary DID say about illegal immigration:  "We must insist on assimilation." 

Will there be backlash?  Probably.  The Democratic Blue Dogs who may have leaned toward Fallin will more than likely be ruffled over the ad and will support Jari as a result.  Particularly in Southwest Oklahoma where Jari is very well known and very respected.  Let's not forget that Askins was the House Representative in a District where Halliburton was/is headquartered.

To me, it's just more negative "gotcha" politics but in this case, it is without substance or without justification.  It sickens me and more than likely, there will be others sickened by it as well.  But Mary has an "out" - she can simply say that she had nothing to do with the ad and is not responsible whatsoever for the content therein. 

Unless the Askins campaign kicks it into high gear very soon, Mary's victory will be a fait au compli.  Of all the statewide races where a Democrat has a chance against a Republican, this is it.  Jari has been liked and appreciated by people on both sides of the aisle, but if she isn't more vocal and aggressive, it's done.  She can plan her trip back to Stephens County.

UPDATE FROM THE FALLIN CAMP:   The following was received via email regarding what Mary has done on the issue of illegal immigration.  Still, doesn't answer the question about Mary's promise to deal with birthright citizenship, but does say that she supported HB1804.  Neither does the email address the RGA ad.

I am a cosponsor of the bipartisan SAVE Act, legislation that offers a practical solution to the problem of unchecked illegal immigration. I continue to support this bill and push for the measures outlined within it. These measures include:
  • The creation of physical barriers like walls and fences on our Southern border
  • The addition of thousands of new Border Patrol agents
  • The use of advanced technologies like aerial surveillance at our borders
  • The creation of an employer e-verification system used to confirm the legal status of employees
If we embrace the solutions outlined in the SAVE Act, we can successfully control the flow of immigrants into the U.S. and discourage employers from hiring workers who have come here illegally. Moving forward, we should ensure that the rule of law always prevails and those who have broken our laws intentionally do not receive amnesty. Additionally, special privileges, like in-state tuition, should not be offered to those living in this country illegally.

Herein lies the problem:  These "solutions" Mary has proposed clearly do not work - and sending the National Guard to the border isn't part of the solution.  Were the National Guard to be fired upon, they cannot respond in kind - that is the role of the regular Army, not the STATE militia (i.e., National Guard).  The National Guard could protect the Oklahoma border against invading Texans, but not foreign nationals.

Sorry.  Answer insufficient.  Please drive through.

Let's address these:
"Physical border."  Where is it?  Where is the all-important fence?  Did Congress fail yet again?  And what about our northern border?  Granted, it's not like we've had a sign

"New Border Patrol Agents."  Why not authorize the use of our active duty military?  Is that not what they are trained to do?  Because we have tied the hands of Border Patrol (thank you, Congress), the only solution (if we're serious) is to allow our active duty military to protect our border which, by the way, is Constitutional.

"Advanced technologies."  Again, where are they?  A couple drones here and there has really helped hasn't it?  (Sarcasm alert.)

"E-Verification."  Teeth.  Where are the teeth?  How about punishing businesses who knowingly hire illegals?  A slap on the wrist and removal from Chamber dinner party invitations aren't enough.

The bottom line is that America deserves better and deserves more from elected officials who tend to talk out of both sides of their necks every two years - or when higher offices become available.