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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Moore Calls On Cooler Heads to Prevail

Today Rep. Lewis Moore (R-Edmond) called on Speaker-elect Kris Steele to refrain from making public comments about the House of Representative’s agenda for the upcoming legislative session until after the Republican Caucus has voted on the issues.

“I was and am a supporter of Speaker-elect Steele’s,” Moore said, “however; it is the role of entire House Republican Caucus, not just the Speaker, to determine the agenda.”

Moore stated that prior to being selected Speaker-elect, Kris Steele gave no indication that he was hostile toward immigration reform, advancing 2nd Amendment rights, or that he was in favor of increased governmental control.

Moore continued, “Rightly or wrongly, Steele’s recent statements have conservative House members deeply concerned that the Speaker intends to force an agenda that is not in line with the majority of the House Republican’s point of view, especially since the majority of us want a smaller, less intrusive government.  Steele’s comments are not consistent with the promises we Republican’s have made to our constituents.”

“Whether intentional or not, Speaker-elect Steele’s public statements have been polarizing and risk fracturing the House caucus. I am therefor calling on the Speaker to refrain from commenting on the House’s agenda until after the caucus has had time to discuss it at the December 7th caucus meeting,” Moore concluded.

Contact:  Rep. Lewis Moore, (405) 557-7400
December 1, 2010