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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Wesselhoft Note, Clarification

Paul Wesselhoft, House Representative and announced candidate for the State Senate wrote a nice, sweet note on Facebook calling for reason and patience in dealing with Speaker-elect Steele.  It's been quoted on the McCarville Report and elsewhere, and he uses the term "social issue bills."

When confronted, here is the exchange:

You can see plainly that Wesselhoft in no way should have his credibility as a conservative impugned or called into question.  He clearly mistyped and misspoke - which simply proves my point previously as to how subtle the media manipulation can be in parsing words.

I've received email messages already asking whether or not Paul Wesselhoft is a conservative and thus far, I can say that he truly is a conservative - though I disagree with some of his DNA collection legislation pushed in the past, I will stand by this retired Army Ranger, fellow veteran.