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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Big Journalism - Why Media Watchdogs Are Necessary: A Case Study

Izzy Lyman has written a pretty compelling piece on Breitbart's Big Journalism underscoring the need for "media watchdogs."  It involves the problems with the prayer given at the swearing in ceremony by the pastor of Speaker-elect Kris Steele and yes, the story broke here on this blog (link) and then covered by the McCarville Report and KTOK.

Lyman calls Pat McGuigan's CapitolBeatOk's coverage a "puff piece."  Lyman writes:
In a puff piece about the occasion, CapitolBeatOK noted:
(House speaker-elect Kris) Steele presided over the swearing-in session, which opened with a prayer from Dr. Jim Hewett of Steele’s home church, Wesley United Methodist. Hewett prayed for “wisdom and sensitivity to circumstances” in consideration of illegal immigration, among other things.
Among other things?  Since CapitolBeatOk is too pro-establishment to go any further, let’s fill in the blanks.
She goes on to describe Steele as a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and lauds the efforts of Randy Terrill on the issue of immigration and echoes the sentiments on this blog regarding the Governor-elect Mary Fallin's support from Arizona's Jan Brewer.  I'll keep you posted on whether Fallin lives up to such standards.

Take a stroll over to Big Journalism and drink deep the accolades given Oklahoma.