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Friday, December 03, 2010

McCarville Nails The Oklahoman

In an excellently written commentary by the radio legend, Mike McCarville, he absolutely nails the Oklahoman for their lack of understanding of the issues important to Oklahoma.  This is a MUST read for every Oklahoma voter who currently subscribes to the Oklahoman and would like a reason to discontinue service.

Unless, of course, you need the cat box liner.

Save maybe two or three of the journalists working for OPUBCO, the place has gone left fast and the truth be known...they will do and say whatever the Chamber and CHK's former ad agency tells them to.  They have to because they can hardly give their paper away.

Newspapers across the country are having difficulty maintaining subscriptions because of the proliferation of Internet access and the availability of 24/7 cable news channels.  Newspapers like the Oklahoman have tried convergence with local news organizations such as News 9 and when they got too big for their britches, some marketing genius told them to go it alone.  Now, they have basically two hosts who are about as exciting to watch and listen to on their web-based "TV" as watching paint dry.

The Oklahoman is ripe for take-over, in my opinion, so don't be surprised if the Dallas Morning News (who still actually reports real news and not what the Chamber tells them to) buys the Oklahoman eventually.

Read Mike's very appropriate commentary here.