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Saturday, December 04, 2010

First Week In December 2010 In Review

This has been a hectic, wicked, wild and exceptionally revelatory week in pop culture as well as politics in the great state of Oklahoma.  Let's take a trip down memory lane...

Match made in heaven.  Steele (right), Kelley (left).
Steeley Kris:  Kris Steele, Representative from the wonderful little metropolis of Shawnee has been under fire and it has been more than justified.  While the Oklahoman try as they might to belittle those of us who believe in Constitutional government, most of us have seen through the journalistic bullsh*t.  In a piece (of crap) today, Steele defends his so-called 2nd Amendment support and steers clear of the big issue of illegal immigration reform, perhaps leaving it to the Governor-elect to do something.  Steele is not what he is trying to portray and soon enough, he's going to learn that We The People will not be bamboozled by his chief apologist, Ed Kelley.  In the story today, they again use the term "social conservatives" to spit in the face of all who believe in Constitutional government and Steeley Kris apparently believes that to be just fine with him.  Read the tripe here.

Conservative Grassuprooting:  Kaye Beach and her radio partner in truth had me onboard their radio show Friday evening to talk about the grassroots in Oklahoma and what we need to do to push the conservative, Constitutional agenda forward.  It was fun, entertaining and hopefully enlightening for the listeners.  Kaye was one of the first to break the stories about the doggone highway camera scam being pushed on the Oklahoma legislature a while back.  Here is Kaye's website. 

Kenny Goza
SD47:  Announced candidates have been working hard to take over where Todd Lamb left off and this is going to continue to be one of the more exciting races we have seen in a long time.  We have the following candidates:
1.  Greg Treat:  Political insider who has worked in politics his whole life with little or no private sector experience.  Worked for Coburn, Fallin and even Fred Morgan - the current President of the State Chamber who, by the way, filed suit against the State of Oklahoma for its law allowing law-abiding citizens the right to keep their firearms in their vehicles.  How Treat feels about this is yet to be determined.  He lists among qualifications..."Faithful Husband to Maressa."  As though it would be hard to be faithful to her...but I digress.  Here is Treat's website.
2.  Carol Hefner:  You know the name, the face is remarkably attractive.  Carol has hired Fount Holland, Trebor Worthen and Chad Alexander's operation so you know for a fact that she is in this race to win.  Hefner has charisma, but no real platform that is discernible from her website
3.  Kenny Goza:  Yes, he is an attorney.  He is a self-made business man who has public sector experience, is a veteran, but has also grown his business to five separate offices throughout Oklahoma.  The thing I like about Kenny and Carol both is that neither of them actually need this job, unlike Treat.  However, Kenny has said that he will donate his paycheck to veterans and the foster care system.  You have to love that.  Check out his website here.

Harry Coates and the Lobbyist of Fire:  The story broke about State Senator Harry Coates recently about an affair with a lobbyist.  In my estimation, Coates had problems long before the affair issue came about and I believe that the issue of the affair is between the parties involved and not really our business.  It's the whole "he who is without out sin, cast the first stone" thing - the issues to me is the fact that the spokesperson for local business entities who opposed HB1804 (immigration reform) has questions now about procurement of government contracts because of the affair.  Coates is a business owner in Central Oklahoma and was, for a while, considered the odds-on favorite to be the Senate President Pro Tempore.  So much for that...

More to follow....