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Friday, December 03, 2010

Steele Afraid Of Confrontation

I received a call from an elected official this evening who has informed me that Speaker-elect Steele has changed the location of the dinner meeting on Monday after learning that there are numerous conservative groups planning a protest.

Details will be forthcoming, but from what I understand, the location has been changed and Charlie Meadows of OCPAC will be sending out an update as to the location of the scheduled protest of Speaker-elect Steele's continued dodging of the issues of Constitutional importance that Oklahoma voters voted for just last month.  Steele appears to be in cahoots with the likes of former House Representative Fred Morgan who is now the President of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.

Remember, it was the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce who joined in a lawsuit against the state of Oklahoma when the legislature passed a law allowing individuals to store firearms in their vehicles.  Morgan has yet to come out against said lawsuit.

Steele's change of venue is a finger in the eye of those who desire accountability.  This is not accidental, this is all about Steele and his boys hanging out with lobbyists, playing some golf at taxpayer expense.  There is no legitimacy for Steele doing this whatsoever.  This is the kind of thing Republicans used to bitch about when Democrats pulled this crap.

You are being bamboozled, friends.

Mary Fallin is scheduled to speak as well...you do the math.

The event is now:

6pm, Bartlesville Community Center