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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rumor: Protests At House Republican Caucus?

Oklahoma voters have spoken on November 2nd and they have made it clear that yes, they desire a conservative, even Constitutional agenda pushed forth in the Oklahoma legislature this session, but there are continuing questions swirling around Speaker-elect Kris Steele and his committee leadership.  In collusion with the mainstream media, some of the language of the fight has been changed from "conservative, Constitutional issues," to "social issues."  The truth of the matter is that Kris Steele has revealed himself to be less than conservative on Constitutional issues.

This week, the rumors are that members of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee, Immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now (IRON) and perhaps even some Tea Party organizers will be traveling to Bartlesville, Oklahoma to challenge the Republican leadership in the House to do what they promised during the campaigns. 

Two of the key issues that this blog will be covering and will continue to cover are the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms as well as the Constitutional responsibility of government to do something about the illegal immigration problem.  There will be video and audio collections posted from Republican leadership across the state that have made promises and you will see them first hand for yourself right here.  And that, my friends, is not a rumor - that is reality.

We The People are tired of campaign promises that are empty and leave us wanted a recount or a mulligan.  Hopefully, there will be a protest and even some video interviews.